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Happy harvests from Cinnamon Ridge!

Fall always symbolizes the end of the year for me, with colored leaves blanketing the ground and the growing things going to sleep for the long winter months. It seems like a good time to once again extend my thanks and my gratitude to all of you wonderful people, whose enthusiasm and support have meant so very much to me throughout the years. This is one author who never takes it for granted, and I am sending a warm thank-you hug to every one of you.

As usual, I’m hard at work on another book. Well, pretty hard at work. I get lured away by my new passion for making homemade bread. I love the warm yeasty smell filtering through the house and tickling my nose. Of course, that message is “Come get me,” and often I do, carrying a still-warm slice of bread back to the office to munch on while I find out what my hero and heroine are going to get up to next.

I’ve also been detoured from full concentration on writing by becoming a chicken mommy. Many of you have been following my misadventures (and theirs) on Facebook, and again, thank you to everyone who has let me know how much they enjoy reading about my trials and tribulations. I do plan to keep the stories coming. More than one of you has sent me an e-mail suggesting I collect those stories into a book.

Hmmm...I don’t know about that. I like the idea, but I think Sissy might be jealous if I put out a book featuring chickens. She seems convinced that every book I write is about HER, and I’ve never had the heart — or the nerve — to disillusion her. As a result, Sissy seems bent on being the “unforgettable character” on Cinnamon Ridge. She is presently having great fun with Rosie, a young lady I hired as a helper. Rosie “tries” to gather the cats for me at night, and Sissy has decided this is a great game of “chase me.” She taunts Rosie but won’t allow her close enough to catch her. One night I was chatting with Rosie’s mom out at their car. Rosie, who’d tried for two hours to catch Sissy, was sitting in the passenger seat. Sissy got on the hood of the car, walked up to the windshield, placed her paw on it, and peered in at Rosie, as if to say, “Here I am. Aren’t you going to chase me anymore?”

WALKING ON AIR is still on track for a February 4, 2014 release. A few weeks before then I will be sending out a Special Announcement to the 2000+ subscribers to my official newsletter, inviting participation in a Review Team for the book, exactly as I did for PERFECT TIMING. Readers agree to publish honest reviews of the book on several sites, the links to which will be provided, in return for a free advance copy of the novel. And for those who haven’t done this before, yes, you definitely are eligible for another review team if you were a reviewer (one of the few) who simply wasn’t enthused about PERFECT TIMING, and said so in your review(s). I asked readers to post their honest opinions, not a lot of sugar coating.

If you receive the newsletter, “Light of Love,” you are automatically on the list for an invitation. If you don’t get my official newsletter and would like to receive it, just send me an e-mail at AndersonJackpots@ykwc.net, with “newsletter request” in the subject line, and I’ll get you signed up right away. Remember, reader contributions to our newsletter are its backbone...so don’t be shy about sending in your stories, articles, photos, comments, reviews, household hints, recipes, etc. This is our newsletter, and I love it!

ANNIE’S SONG is flying off the shelves! What a wonderful feeling for an author to see a book that has been out of print for many years get such a terrific reception from readers who want a new copy to replace their well-thumbed original, and from people who have never read the book before and are delighted to make a new discovery. It’s the ultimate compliment to an author to know that I have written a book that holds up to the test of time. Thanks to all of you who have purchased ANNIE’S SONG. I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved writing it.

CHEYENNE AMBER, too, continues to sell well. Of course, I don’t think that gorgeous horse on the cover hurt anything. Given my new enthusiasm for keeping chickens, my husband is worried that one of these days I’ll have a book published that features a chicken on the cover. I don’t think he needs to be concerned about that...at least, not yet!

Gabriel Valence, the hero of WALKING ON AIR, has a few ideas for promoting his story. Like Quincy Harrigan, he plans to have some special prizes available to promote his book. Watch for that information in an upcoming letter, and also on Facebook!

Genny Eshoo is the winner in the Name The Female Raccoon contest! Congratulations, Genny! The name she chose is Belinda...so now, it’s Barnabas and Belinda, together forever!

Happy Fall to all of you. Remember, I love hearing from you at CatherineDirect@ykwc.net, and I always send replies!

Catherine Anderson

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