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Blue Skies#15 on the New York Times Bestseller List!


January 2004
ISBN-10: 0451210751
ISBN-13: 978-0451210753

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Back Cover:

Carly Adams feels as if she's been given a new lease on life. Born with a rare eye disease, she was blind until a recent operation restored her sight. Now, she's eager to experience everything the world has to offer—including the sweet talk of a handsome cowboy who rouses her with desire. But she isn't prepared for the consequences, especially when a night of searing passion results in a pregnancy that threatens her eyesight—and all her dreams for the future . . . .

Hank Coulter has no plans to settle down—until he discovers that Carly Adams is carrying his child. Obsessed with making things right, he bullies the blue-eyed beauty into marrying him. With her radiant smile and remarkable goodness, Carly is exactly the kind of wife he's always imagined by his side. But if Hank wants their practical arrangement to become permanent, he's going to have to convince Carly that one moment of risk can bring about a lifetime of joy . . . .


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Romance Reviews Today's 2004 Best Book of the Year in the Contemporary Romance category

"Catherine Anderson has produced a read that engages the emotions and leaves the reader well satisfied. BLUE SKIES is a book you want to add to your library." ~Affaire de Coeur

"Tugging at emotions is Anderson's specialty, and she succeeds in this book. BLUE SKIES continues the compelling sagas of the Coulter and Kendrick families." ~Romantic Times

"--readers will embrace Anderson's characters and her message--that love bridges all divides." ~Publishers Weekly

"This one grabs you by the gut. Very real and powerful." ~Publishers Weekly

"Readers might need to wipe away tears...since few will be able to resist the power of this beautifully emotional, wonderfully romantic love story." ~Booklist

"A keeper and a very strong contender for Best Contemporary Romance of the Year." ~Romance Reviews Today